Foot pain when walking? A certified pedorthist can examine your foot and recommend the right orthotic support

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Walking the dog. Walking to the mailbox. Walking your children to the bus stop. Walking down the hall to your meeting. Walking is one of the most common forms of activity people do, but it can be much more difficult when you’re experiencing foot pain. 

Medical research shows that the average American walks between 1.5 and 2 miles daily. Other studies report that 77% of Americans have experienced foot pain. The combination of these two statistics reveals just how problematic foot pain when walking can be. A certified pedorthist can help you find out what’s causing your pain and treatment options for it. 

What’s causing your foot pain when walking? 

The feet are complex structures, and this means there are many issues that can lead to foot pain when walking. Pedorthists are medical professionals who are experts at helping you find footwear and orthotic solutions for your pain. 

Some of the issues these specialists can help you treat include: 

How can pedorthists help treat foot pain when walking? 

A certified pedorthist can work with other medical professionals to help you address your foot pain when walking. These specialists could recommend that you get better-fitting footwear. They may also suggest that you consider custom orthotics to help address your pain. 

A few of the benefits that custom orthotics can offer include: 

  • Helping realign your lower body joints from the hip to the foot
  • Providing greater support for your arches
  • Addressing legs that are different lengths
  • Reducing foot overpronation
  • Improving foot, ankle, knee and hip stability
  • Addressing foot supination

Biocorrect can help you find custom orthotics designed to address foot pain

Looking for a way to address foot pain when walking? Our certified Biocorrect pedorthists can help you find custom orthotic solutions designed to address many foot problems. We’ll perform a complete evaluation of your feet and gait. Our specialists will also take a foam impression of your feet to ensure that your orthotics are customized to your feet specifically. 

Not able to come in to see us? No problem! We can send you a kit that includes the materials and instructions you need to create your own foam impression. Our team can then analyze this impression and build you customized orthotics without you ever having to leave home. 

Visit our online store today to research our full product line, hear from satisfied customers and order the custom foot orthotic solution that fits your needs.