Are your shoes to blame for your hip pain?

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Hip pain can be caused by a variety of factors. These include injuries and conditions like arthritis or bursitis. The wrong shoes can cause hip pain by creating biomechanical imbalances that have effects throughout the body. Though they may not seem closely connected, your feet can affect your hips. In fact, the health of your feet can have a significant impact on your whole body. 

How shoes can cause hip pain

  • Lack of support — Shoes that lack support can cause over-pronation and over-supination in the feet. Over-pronation happens when your feet roll too far inward with each step, and can lead to flat feet. Over-supination is the opposite problem, occurring when you put too much pressure on the outer edges of your feet. The strain caused by these issues can lead to strain in the leg muscles and hips.

  • Poor cushioning — Shoes with poor cushioning do not protect your feet from impact against hard surfaces. The shock from walking with poorly cushioned shoes can impact your hip joints to cause hip pain.

  • Heel height — High heels can put extra stress on your feet. They can also cause your hips to tilt forward when you walk, leading to increased pressure on your hips.

  • Other factors in the shoes can also cause hip pain. For example, a pair of shoes that fits too tightly can also contribute to hip pain.

    What to look for in a good pair of shoes

  • Flexibility — A good pair of shoes will be flexible enough to allow for natural foot movement. This can reduce stiffness and help alleviate hip pain.

  • Good support — Shoes with good support can help prevent gait issues. Some people need increased arch support, while others need specialized support in different parts of the shoe.

  • Proper fit — Shoes that fit properly can prevent your feet from being too restricted or sliding around in the shoes. By wearing shoes that match the size and shape of your feet, you can prevent hip pain.

  • Biocorrect can keep your shoes from causing hip pain

    When it comes to hip pain, it’s essential to consider the impact of footwear. Biocorrect custom orthotics are shoe inserts created to treat issues like hip pain at the source. You can wear orthotics inside many different shoes while still getting the comfort and support you need. Our orthotic insoles are personalized for your feet to help build a foot alignment system designed to alleviate your pain.

    Contact us to learn more about the orthotics we offer or to set up an initial evaluation to evaluate your hip pain and feet with one of our certified pedorthists.