What can I expect from custom foot arch supports?

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Custom foot arch supports are also known as custom orthotics, and there are several benefits you can expect from these therapeutic devices. 

Arch problems are a widespread and serious issue for many Americans. It’s reported that up to 25% of U.S. adults have collapsed arches; it’s also estimated that about 20% of Americans have high arches. Custom orthotics that support the foot arch are one way to address conditions that affect this area of the foot. 

Where is the arch in your foot?

You might not know it, but there are several natural arches in each of your feet. However, when most people talk about the foot arch, they’re talking about the big arch that runs from your heel to the ball of your foot. This arch is known as the longitudinal arch. The two arches that make up the longitudinal arch are the: 

  • Medial arch — The medial arch runs along the inner side of your foot, and it’s the highest of all the foot arches. This arch starts at the heel and extends to the base of your big toe. 
  • Lateral arch — The lateral arch runs along the outer side of each foot. This arch is not as high as the medial arch. It starts at your heel and runs to the pinkie toe. 

The third arch in your foot is known as the transverse arch, and it runs across the width of the ball of your foot. 

Three benefits custom foot arch supports can offer

Custom orthotics are designed to support all three of the arches in your foot. The support and cushioning these devices can offer can also lead to several benefits for you. Three of these benefits are: 

  1. Reducing arch pain — Your foot arches can become painful if they aren’t properly supported. The support provided by custom orthotics is intended to reduce stress on your arches. In turn, this can lead to significantly less arch pain. 
  1. Maintaining optimum arch height — Over time, the stress that walking and running places on your aches can affect their height. Arches that are too low or too high can both have negative effects. Low arches put more strain on the outside of your foot. They can also lead to difficulty walking. 

High arches can also cause you some issues. This problem places more stress on the toes and heel. It can also lead to greater ankle instability, which can increase your risk of ankle sprains. Custom orthotics can help you avoid both low and high arches and the problems that follow them. 

  1. Reducing risk of arch conditions — There are several conditions that can affect the arches of your feel. Plantar fasciitis is the best known of them. This issue occurs when the plantar fascia that spans your longitudinal arch becomes irritated and inflamed. Custom orthotics help support the arches and take pressure off the plantar fascia. In turn, this helps decrease your risk of developing plantar fasciitis. 

Biocorrect offers orthotics that are custom foot arch supports

Looking for a team that can provide you with custom foot arch supports? Our team of certified pedorthists at Biocorrect is just that team you’re looking for. We offer custom orthotics that are designed to properly support the arches of your feet. Our specialists design your orthotics using a comprehensive evaluation process and custom foam molds of your feet. 

Contact us today to schedule your foot evaluation or visit our online store to view all our orthotic offerings.