How can orthotics for bunions benefit you?

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Orthotics can offer many advantages for various foot conditions. For instance, custom orthotics for bunions can provide several benefits that help reduce patients’ toe pain. 

Bunions are a common foot problem for Americans. One study found that 23% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 have this foot condition. The same study also reports that 36% of Americans over 65 have bunions. A certified pedorthist can help you find custom orthotics that can help the symptoms bunions can cause. 

Three ways custom orthotics for bunions can benefit you

Pedorthists are certified medical professionals who are trained to help you manage and address conditions of the lower extremities, ankles and feet. These specialists do so by fabricating, fitting, and adjusting custom footwear and orthotics. 

Such custom orthotics can have several benefits for bunions sufferers, including: 

  1. Reducing calcaneal eversionCalcaneal eversion is an inward rolling motion of the heel when you take a step. This motion puts greater stress on the first joint of your big toe, which can lead to a bunion over time. Custom orthotics help stabilize the heel while you walk. In turn, this helps reduce calcaneal eversion and decrease stress on your big toe. 
  1. Decreasing medial arch movement — Excessive medial arch movement is another issue that can put stress on your big toe. The medial arch is the inner part of the arch on the bottom of your foot. The stress that excessive medial arch movement places on the first big toe joint can lead to a bunion. It can also increase joint stiffness and pain. 

A custom orthotic can decrease movement in your medial arch. The result can be a reduction of symptoms in your toe. 

  1. Supporting the metatarsal arch — The metatarsal arch is a natural arch that spans the width of the ball of your foot. A lack of support in this area can increase pressure on your big toe and increase pain. Custom orthotic inserts can increase support of the metatarsal arch, which can lead to reduced pain and stiffness in your toe.

Find custom orthotics for bunions at Biocorrect

Bunions can cause you lots of pain if they aren’t addressed effectively, and custom orthotics can be a beneficial treatment option for bunions. At Biocorrect, our certified pedorthists can design a custom orthotic to help treat your foot condition. 

We’ll start by performing an exhaustive evaluation of your foot and how your body moves as you walk. Our specialists will also take a foam impression of your feet. This gives us a template upon which to build you the most effective possible custom orthotic. 

Contact us today to set up your foot evaluation or check out our online store to see our full range of orthotic products.