How orthotics for feet can actually benefit your entire body

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Most people think of orthotics as a way to address problems with their feet. However, the reality is orthotics can have benefits for your entire body. 

From the lower back to the feet, our body is connected by various joints, muscles and connective tissue. These structures also work together to help us move normally. When one of them has a problem, this connection means you could experience issues in other areas. Orthotics that are customized for your feet can help address issues that could be causing other painful issues in other parts of your body. 

Three full-body effects orthotics for feet can have

A certified pedorthist is a medical professional who is trained to create and adjust custom orthotics for your feet. However, these specialists know that orthotics can have benefits for other body structures, too. Some of the full-body effects your orthotics can have include: 

  1. Realigning lower extremity joints — The hip, knee and ankle joints are all part of your lower extremities, or legs. Problems in your feet can change the way you walk or run. They can also cause misalignment in your lower extremity joints. 

One study shows that orthotics can help a condition called runner’s knee that often stems from knee misalignment. The study reports that nearly 77% runner’s knee patients who used foot orthotics saw improvements in their symptoms. 

  1. Decreasing lower back pain — Foot issues can also lead to abnormal alignment or tension in the lower back. Fortunately, orthotics have also proved adept at addressing lower back pain. A medical research team found that foot orthotics helped significantly reduce lower back pain after just six weeks of use. 
  1. Reducing risk of ankle injuriesPlantar fasciitis is a foot problem that orthotics can successfully treat. This condition can also cause instability in the patient’s ankles. In turn, the increased instability increases their risk of an ankle sprain. A orthotics study found that these devices significantly reduced ankle instability in runners. As a result, the runners were less likely to sprain an ankle. 

Find beneficial custom orthotics for your feet at Biocorrect

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