Using custom orthotic insoles for running with flat feet

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Walking the dog. Strolling around the grocery store. Walking or jogging to get in our cardio. Most people spend much more time on their feet than they realize. 

It’s reported that 24% of Americans spend six or more hours on their feet daily. Flat feet is a condition that can make it harder to spend time on your feet. It can be especially problematic for people who run, but fortunately, custom orthotic insoles can offer benefits for runners with flat feet. 

What are flat feet?

Flat feet is an issue where the arch of the foot is much shallower than normal. This problem is also called fallen or collapsed arches, and it’s a fairly common issue among Americans. In fact, it’s reported that 60 million Americans are living with collapsed arches. 

Some of the risk factors that make people more susceptible to flat feet include: 

How can custom orthotic insoles make running with flat feet easier? 

Custom orthotic insoles can make many activities easier for people with flat feet, including running. Collapsed arches can often lead to increased pain in runners. They can also lead to other issues like tendinitis, shin splints and bunions. 

By using custom orthotic insoles, runners can get benefits that may include: 

  • Increased arch support — Custom orthotics are designed to support the arches in your feet. The increased support can help reduce swelling and other symptoms that flat feet can cause. 
  • Reduced foot overpronationPronation is a natural movement that our feet make as we walk or run. This movement is a slight rolling inward that occurs every time you take a step. When your foot rolls too far inward, it’s called overpronation. This issue is especially common for people with flat feet, but custom orthotics are designed to decrease overpronation. 
  • Realigned joints — Foot issues like collapsed arches can cause joints to become misaligned. In turn, this can lead to ankle, knee and hip pain while running. By improving arch support and addressing overpronation, custom orthotics can also help realign joints; this can lead to less joint discomfort during your runs. 

Find custom orthotic insoles that offer benefits for runners with flat feet at Biocorrect

Are you wondering where to find custom orthotic insoles that can make running with flat feet easier? Look no further than our team at Biocorrect. Our team includes certified pedorthists who can evaluate your feet and how they move as you walk. Additionally, they will make a foam impression of your feet. 

The combination of the movement evaluation and foot impression allows us to create custom orthotics that offer more benefits than competing products. Additionally, they’ve led to positive testimonials from medical professionals and past customers. 

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