How plantar fasciitis shoe inserts can help your foot pain

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Plantar fasciitis can lead to many troubling symptoms. This condition tends to cause stabbing pain near the heel; it can also lead to pain when you first wake up or after exercising. 

There are millions of Americans living with plantar fasciitis. One research study found that about 10% of the general population suffers from this condition. Fortunately, there are steps people can take to prevent plantar fasciitis pain. One such step is to use custom shoe inserts. 

Three ways plantar fasciitis shoe inserts can help your foot pain

Custom plantar fasciitis shoe inserts, or orthotics, can help reduce your foot pain in several ways. For one thing, these products are designed to better support the arch of your foot. This is important because the plantar fascia is the main structure that supports the foot arch, and it can become inflamed when your shoes aren’t supportive enough. 

Other ways that custom orthotics can help your foot pain from plantar fasciitis include reducing the impact of walking or running, and realigning your joints. These characteristics can lead to benefits such as: 

  1. Reducing overall foot pain — Custom orthotics can help reduce the overall amount of pain that plantar fasciitis causes you. One study of these products found that using them for 12 weeks reduced plantar fasciitis foot pain by up to 50%. 
  1. Decreased pain while walking — Walking is something that most people do every day. But it can be more difficult if you have plantar fasciitis. An orthotics study reports that patients had 66% less pain during a 100 meter walking test when using orthotics. 
  1. Cutting foot disability — When your feet aren’t able to move and do their normal tasks, they’re disabled. Fortunately, custom orthotics can reduce foot disability in plantar fasciitis patients. A group of medical researchers report that custom orthotics helped cut plantar fasciitis-related foot disability by 75%. 

Find shoe inserts that benefit your plantar fasciitis at Biocorrect

Looking for the most beneficial shoe inserts for your plantar fasciitis? Our Biocorrect team offers custom orthotics that perfectly fit the bill. We’ll perform an evaluation of your feet and gait before creating your orthotics, and our pedorthists will also take a foam impression of your foot so we can be sure your orthotics fit you. 

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