Two reasons the benefits of custom orthotics outweigh their cost

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It’s easy to feel sticker shock when looking at the cost of custom orthotics. They are pricier than the “custom” insoles that you buy at a big-box store or pharmacy, but truly custom orthotics are designed to offer benefits that make them worth their price and more. 

How much can custom orthotics cost?

If you do a Google search for “How much do custom orthotics cost,” you’ll get answers that range from $200 all the way up to $800. The high cost of even low-end custom orthotics have many people questioning their value. Most people don’t believe that manufacturing costs account for these high prices, and they’re right. However, there are other factors that many people fail to account for. 

One of these is the time that certified pedorthists spend creating custom orthotics, which is valuable. Another item that factors into the price is the cutting-edge design and manufacturing technology that’s used to create your custom orthotics. In addition, there are many benefits that custom orthotics offer that increase their value for many patients. 

Two benefits that help make custom orthotics worth their higher cost

  1. They can reduce pain — Most people seek out insoles or orthotics because they’re feeling pain in their lower back, hips, knees, legs or feet. Dealing with any of these types of pain every day can cost you a lot. Just walking around your office or job site could be a slow and painful process, which dramatically reduces your work productivity. 

Trouble moving around also makes you less likely to want to go out and do things with friends or family. This fact can take a toll on your personal relationships. However, custom orthotics are designed to help reduce the pain you’re feeling, and they can help make scenarios like these two a thing of the past. 

  1. They’re truly customized to you — Custom orthotics are created using molds that are formed from your feet. These molds are then used to build orthotics that conform to every curve of your feet. As a result, your orthotics are able to specifically target issues like plantar fasciitis that are affecting your feet and lower body. They’re also able to do so in a way that meets your unique needs. 

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