How much should custom orthotics cost?

Biocorrect, LLC


Custom orthotics can be notoriously pricey. People dealing with foot pain, ankle pain and other issues will typically seek out a custom insert if over-the-counter options are not providing the relief and support necessary to perform everyday activities. However, there can be some degree of sticker shock among people who see a podiatrist to be fitted for a pair of custom orthotics. 

With the cost of custom orthotics ranging anywhere from $400 to $800, it’s easy to wonder if the steep price is worth the benefits these types of insoles can offer. To help you make this important decision, we’re sharing this overview of what goes into making a pair of custom orthotics and how these factors contribute to the higher cost. 

Reasons for the higher cost of custom orthotics

The primary factors that lead to the higher cost of custom orthotics include:

  • Higher grade materials 
  • A doctor’s prescription 
  • The need for a custom fitting, traditionally using a plaster casting
  • Custom manufacturing

For people who are able to find relief with custom orthotics, the extra associated costs can be worth it. However, the good news is that advances in technology have made it possible to create high quality custom orthotics on a more cost-effective basis. 

Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab provides cost-effective solutions 

At Biocorrect, we are able to offer our customers a top quality, fully custom orthotic insole at a $300 price point. We use high-grade moldable foam to capture an impression of the feet, which is a less messy, easier and more cost-effective way to create an accurate model. In fact, this allows us to offer a do-it-yourself at-home foam impression kit so you don’t even need to come to an office for a fitting. 

Our full line of orthotic insoles are backed by decades of experience in addressing issues affecting the lower body and are designed to work with your natural biomechanics. Learn more about how we make our premium quality custom orthotics, read testimonials from our satisfied customers and order your pair today at our online store.