Two important benefits of wearing custom insoles for knee pain

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When it comes to custom insoles in your footwear, you probably associate them with addressing foot pain. While this is what they are frequently used for, custom insoles can do a lot more than address foot pain. They can help address knee pain as well.

Issues in your feet and ankles can cause a chain reaction in your legs that creates issues in your knees as well. Wearing custom insoles helps to address these issues, so you may live with less knee pain. 

There are two major benefits to wearing custom insoles for knee pain:

1. Custom insoles help address alignment issues

One of the primary functions of custom insoles is that they help reduce pain in the feet by addressing mechanical and structural issues in the feet. By addressing mechanical and structural issues in the feet, custom insoles can also help with misalignment issues stemming from the feet into the rest of your legs.

Overpronated or supinated feet strain your ankles, which then strain your knees and even your hips and back. Addressing misalignment in your feet helps keep your knees in their proper alignment as well.

2. Custom insoles help reduce shock

Every step you take exerts a small amount of force into your feet. The force is even greater when running and jumping, especially on hard surfaces like pavement. Absorbing a lot of shock in the feet can create pain and other issues that spread into the knees as well. Wearing custom insoles helps to absorb shock and reduce the chances of developing knee conditions related to shock.

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