How ordering custom orthotics online works

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If you’re one of the many people who suffer from some form of foot or ankle pain, you’ve probably looked into using insoles for help. However, if you’ve done just a little bit of research, you’ve probably discovered how many people complain about an increase of pain after wearing insoles. That’s because generic, store-bought insoles fail to provide what custom orthotics can. 

Custom orthotics are carefully crafted shoe inserts designed to match the contour of your feet. They provide comfort and support for your feet to help reduce pain and address structural and mechanical issues.

When it comes to fitting for custom orthotics, you might have the idea of visiting an expert on location to have an impression taken of your foot. However, not everyone is able to visit a location for an impression, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This is no deterrent for our biomechanical experts, though. You can order custom orthotics online from the comfort of your own home with the same level of high-quality service.

How it works when ordering custom orthotics online

Ordering custom orthotics online is more simple than you might think. With ⁠Biocorrect, all you need to do is:

  1. Select the custom orthotic option on our online store.
  2. Submit some general information about your feet and wait to receive our easy-to-use foot impression kit in the mail.
  3. Follow the instructions in your kit to complete your impression, as well as submitting pertinent medical information and digital photos.
  4. Return the kit to our team through the mail.
  5. Receive your custom orthotics in the mail and experience the life-changing support they can provide. 

Order custom orthotics online today from ⁠Biocorrect 

Are you tired of constant foot and ankle pain keeping you off your feet and away from your favorite activities? Our team at ⁠Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab has more than 25 years of biomechanical expertise in creating high-quality custom insoles that can address a wide range of structural problems in your feet. Additionally, we provide semi-custom and ready-made insoles for a wide range of client needs. Check out our full product line and order your pair today when you visit our online store.