Three benefits of wearing custom insoles for hip pain

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When it comes to custom insoles, you probably think of how they help with foot pain. While this is true, they also help address issues affecting your hips. This is because many of the issues stemming from pain and misalignment in the feet produce a ripple effect that causes pain to spread up the legs, through your knees, into your hips and even your back.

Wearing custom insoles for hip pain has many benefits for people dealing with chronic hip pain related to foot issues, including: 

1. Custom insoles help address overpronation

Primarily associated with flat feet, overpronating is when you put weight on your foot and the foot rolls slightly inward. The foot is supposed to pronate a little bit with movement, but overpronation exerts strain on your foot and ankles that can cause issues further up in your legs. 

Addressing overpronation in your feet with custom insoles can help address alignment issues that affect your hips. 

2. Custom insoles help address supination

You can think of supination as the opposite of overpronation. With supination, the foot rolls slightly toward the outside. This is typically associated with high arches that essentially push your foot outward during movement.

As with overpronation, supination causes misalignment issues that can affect your hips. Wearing custom insoles helps address these issues.

3. Custom insoles help you improve your foot performance

Foot and ankle pain affects the way you walk. This might force you to make adjustments to your gait to compensate for the pain. Unfortunately, when you compensate for foot pain, you could put additional strain on your hips, leading to hip pain. 

By addressing foot and ankle pain and increasing their performance, you can help address issues that add strain on your hips. 

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