Three thoughts from an expert on what to do about pain on the inside of your foot

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Most people don’t think about how important their feet are until they start to hurt. Unfortunately, there are many conditions that can lead to debilitating foot pain. 

People experiencing pain on the inside of their foot could have a condition called posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD). It’s estimated that up to 10% of adult Americans are dealing with some level of PTTD. Fortunately, there are ways to address the symptoms of PTTD, but there are three options that can be particularly effective. 

You should try these three treatments if you have pain on the inside of your foot

Patients with PTTD have pain on the inside of their foot because their posterior tibial tendon is inflamed or torn. This condition can be caused by overuse, by an impact from a fall, or while playing high-impact sports. Some people are far more likely to develop PTTD than others, and women, people over 40 and people who are overweight fall into this category. 

If you do develop PTTD, here are three common treatment options: 

  1. Pain medications — Medical professionals will work on reducing the inflammation and pain of PTTD. The purpose behind this is to promote healing in the injured tendon. Often, foot doctors will recommend taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen. However, taking NSAIDs can lead to negative side effects in some patients. 
  1. Surgery — Many people with PTTD recover without having surgery, but this treatment option is commonly used for people with more serious PTTD. Additionally, you may need to consider surgery if other treatment options don’t reduce your symptoms. 
  1. Custom orthoticsCustom orthotics can be helpful for people with mild to severe PTTD. They’re designed to provide support for the injured tendon, which can help speed up healing. This treatment option can also help people avoid surgery for PTTD. One medical study reported that almost 70% of patients who used custom orthotics successfully avoided PTTD surgery. 

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