Signs you need orthotics for flat feet

Biocorrect, LLC


Being diagnosed with flat feet can actually come as a surprise for some people. It’s very possible to go through life with abnormally low arches and never notice it. For many, it isn’t until a friend, family member or medical professional points it out that it’s brought to their attention. 

That’s because having flat feet is a very common condition, affecting as much as 20% to 30% of the population by some estimates. What’s more, in a large number of cases, having low arches does not result in any pain or mobility problems, so there often isn’t a reason to diagnose or treat this condition. 

While flat feet are not generally curable or reversible, there are proactive steps to take for people who do experience aches, pains and other issues as a result of altered body mechanics. One common recommendation is to purchase or be fitted for orthotics. 

When should you consider custom orthotics for flat feet? 

As opposed to mass-market insoles, custom orthotics are fitted to the exact dimensions of the wearer’s foot and are designed to account for unique structures and mechanics — including flat feet. If you’re wondering whether custom orthotics may be right for you, here are some of the stronger indicators to watch for: 

  • You’re experiencing aches and pain in your feet.
  • You also overpronate, which is excessive inward rotation of the foot when walking or running.
  • You’re dealing or have dealt with injuries in other areas of the lower body, including the hips and ankles.
  • You’ve tried lower-quality insoles and have not experienced relief.

If any or all of these apply to you, it may be time to explore custom orthotics for flat feet, including the top-quality options from Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab. 

Biocorrect has multiple options to help people with flat feet

No matter what the underlying source of your flat feet is and your background and overall activity level, Biocorrect has options for you. From ready-made and semi-custom orthotics that are made with high-grade materials and biomechanical expertise to a fully custom orthotic insole that you can fit yourself right from your own home, we can help you find relief and a return to normal activity. To learn more and find out how to order the product that’s right for you, visit our online store today.