Three types of orthotic insoles to help flat feet

Biocorrect, LLC


If you have abnormally low arches, or flat feet, you can begin to develop problems due to the altered biomechanics of your feet. The extra movement required by the feet can cause stress all the way up the kinetic chain — even reaching the hips and lower back. If you’ve tried using mass-market insoles, such as the kind available at drugstores and sporting goods stores, without finding the relief you need, you may be wondering if a higher-grade orthotic insole may be right for you.  

At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we’re proud to offer a full line of custom-crafted insoles that can help you achieve the activity level and comfort you deserve. To help you better understand our range of orthotic insoles and how they help with flat feet, we’ve created the following guide. 

Biocorrect has options for a wide range of needs and lifestyles

While all of our orthotic insoles are made with high-quality materials and designed by professionals with decades of biomechanical experience, we recognize that everyone has different needs. That’s why we have options available in the following categories: 

  • Ready-made — Our Comfort-FIT and Slim-FIT insoles are competitively priced while offering a superior fit and level of quality compared to more generic mass-market insoles.
  • Semi-custom — Our Semi-Custom orthotics, including our Stride-FIT model, combine the features and materials of a fully custom insole with the convenience and affordability of an over-the-counter insert. 
  • Fully custom — Biocorrect sets itself apart from other manufacturers by crafting a fully custom orthotic that you can order online and fit yourself using our at-home moldable foam impression kit. 

All of our orthotic insoles can help address issues related to flat feet with arch support that promotes a natural stride. 

Ready to learn more? 

If you’re looking for orthotic insoles to find relief for low arches, Biocorrect has you covered. Read testimonials from satisfied customers, explore our product line and order the pair of inserts that are right for you from our online store. 

If you’re ordering fully custom inserts, we’ll send you a kit that includes a health history form and detailed instructions for taking an impression of your feet and digital photographs. With this information we can craft your custom orthotic insoles in a matter of weeks!