Four benefits of arch support for flat feet

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The term “flat feet” is commonly used to describe abnormally low arches. While the feet aren’t always completely flat, although they can be, the arches are typically low enough where an impression of the foot will leave an almost full outline. People who have flat feet may not experience any symptoms; however, for others it can lead to aches, pains, discomfort and even injuries in other parts of the body. 

People dealing with these concerns often turn to increased arch support in the form of orthotic insoles. To help you better understand the potential benefits, we’re sharing the following helpful overview. 

Here are the reasons why arch support for flat feet can help

The right pair of insoles for better arch support can offer these advantages to wearers: 

  1. Comfort — If you’re dealing with sore feet, especially if you have a physical job, orthotics can help decrease aches and pains that can affect people with low arches.
  2. Increased energy — Proper arch support means a more natural foot motion and less wasted energy, giving you more energy back with every step. 
  3. Addressed misalignments — People with flat feet tend to be prone to issues like overpronation that can increase the strain on the feet. Arch support can help. 
  4. Reduced risk of injury — Flat feet can potentially lead to related problems like ankle pain and hip pain. By properly supporting the arches, stress on these and other areas can be reduced. 

As an alternative to lower-quality arch support offered by over-the-counter insoles, Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab is proud to offer a full line of state-of-the-art orthotic inserts. 

Experience the Biocorrect difference

We have a very high success rate and offer solutions for people from all backgrounds and activity levels. If you are looking for arch support for flat feet, you can choose from fully custom, semi-custom and ready-made insoles that are handcrafted by experts and backed by decades of experience in addressing biomechanical issues in the lower body. 

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