Pediatric orthotics for flat feet — what are your options?

Biocorrect, LLC


Children are becoming more and more involved with athletics at a younger age. With the prevalence of youth soccer and other sports, this means that injuries and pain are becoming more common issues for kids to deal with. Foot pain and soreness is a problem that can develop as a result of flat feet, also known as low arches. 

While not painful by themselves, low arches can change the mechanics of the feet and the entire lower body. For children with flat feet who are dealing with pain and/or other problems, pediatric orthotics can be a potential solution. Pediatric orthotics are insoles that are specially designed for the needs of younger wearers who need corrective measures for their feet.  

How can pediatric orthotics help with flat feet?

Low arches can cause imbalances and misalignments, such as excessive inward rotation, that put increased strain on the feet. In addition to foot pain, it can also potentially cause ankle pain, knee pain and hip pain. Having proper foot and lower body alignment is just as important for younger people who are still growing as it is for fully developed adults. 

Pediatric orthotics can help children with flat feet in the following ways:

  • Arch support to help prevent excessive inward rotation, called overpronation
  • Heel and forefoot support to relieve stress on the feet
  • Increased comfort to minimize pain and soreness during long sessions of practice or play

Because younger wearers are constantly growing, being fitted for fully custom orthotics can be prohibitively expensive, while over-the-counter pediatric orthotics often lack the durability and support needed for younger people. 

Biocorrect semi-custom orthotics can help younger wearers with flat feet

At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, our semi-custom orthotics offer a solution for people seeking pediatric orthotics for flat feet. With a wide range of sizes, we’re able to offer a ready-made insole made out of high-grade materials that offers a similar level of support as a custom-fitted orthotic. This can be an optimal solution for the constantly growing feet of younger wearers. 

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