Shoe inserts for diabetics — how can they help?

Biocorrect, LLC


Diabetes, or chronically high blood sugar, can cause a wide range of problems, including circulatory issues and nerve pain that affect extremities such as the feet. If you’re a diabetic, you understand how debilitating the tingling, numbness and pain in the feet can be to your activity level. However, it’s critical to stay active and get regular exercise if you have been diagnosed with any type of diabetes. 

Shoe inserts for diabetics are a great way to receive the comfort and support you need to stay on your feet for longer if pain and other symptoms related to your condition are affecting you. To help you understand the benefits that inserts, or foot orthotics, can offer, we’re sharing the following information to help you select the right product for you and your lifestyle. 

How shoe inserts help with foot pain related to diabetes

Since diabetes is not a curable condition, the goal of treatment is typically to control blood sugar levels and manage symptoms. For foot pain and other lower body symptoms diabetics have to deal with, shoe inserts can help in the following ways: 

  • Provide increased cushioning to absorb shock
  • Better support to reduce pressure on sensitive areas of the foot 

Shoe inserts can be combined with other management methods, such as compression socks, to relieve foot pain and help diabetic patients maintain the activity level they need. 

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab has a wide range of shoe inserts 

The biomechanical experts behind Biocorrect custom shoe inserts have more than 25 years of experience in helping people overcome foot pain and addressing issues affecting the lower body. Our full line of shoe inserts, from fully custom to high-quality ready-made solutions, are made from high-grade foam to offer an enhanced level of comfort and support. We have solutions that can fit the needs of every diabetic patient, regardless of age or activity level. 

For your convenience we’re happy to offer a moldable foam impression kit that allows you to be fitted for a fully customized insole without leaving the comfort of your home. Read testimonials from satisfied customers and research the benefits of our products when you visit our online store today.