Orthotics for runners of all experience and ability levels

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Whether you’re training for your first 5K or you’ve run multiple marathons, orthotics can be a very helpful way to achieve your goals as a runner. Millions of people run every day for fun, fitness or competition, but it can definitely put stress on your feet. What’s more, depending on factors such as stride, posture and gait, some people are more prone to running-related injuries than others.

Healthy running often involves taking a holistic approach to the activity that includes stretching, hydration, good nutrition, proper form, the right footwear and not overtraining yourself. The right pair of orthotics can fit into this equation by providing increased comfort and support over long miles while also helping to encourage proper running form and natural mechanics. 

By learning more about the issues that can affect runners and the solutions offered by orthotics, you can decide if insoles may be right for you. 

What issues affect runners and how can orthotics help? 

Although there are many benefits to running, from improved cardiovascular health to helping with weight management, it is a high-impact activity that involves repetitive motion. While our bodies are designed to perform the movements associated with running, they weren’t necessarily designed for pavement and highly structured running shoes. This combination leads to some of the following problems for many runners: 

  • Foot pain and soreness
  • Overpronation or supination, which is excessive inward or outward foot rotation
  • Injuries like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis 
  • Compensatory injuries in the knee, hips and even the lower back

In addition to providing increased cushioning for a more comfortable ride, the right pair of orthotics for runners should also help lower the risk of injury by addressing certain structural and mechanical issues that affect so many runners. For example, people with lower arches, have a tendency to overpronate. This can put excessive strain on the rest of the foot, the ankles and the lower body, leading to a host of injury problems. Custom orthotics can be made to the exact dimensions and structure of the wearer’s foot, supporting the arch and reducing overpronation to more evenly distribute energy throughout the body. 

Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab has solutions for any type of runner

Our orthotic insoles are designed by experts with more than 25 years of experience addressing mechanical issues for runners and other active people and athletes. We use the best materials and the latest technology to craft a full line of insoles for people of all ages and ability levels. To learn more and to order your pair, visit our online collection today.