Four types of people who use orthotics for heel pain

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No matter what you do, you probably spend a lot of time on your feet. Even people who work desk jobs often experience some heel pain at the end of a long day. While basic remedies like rest, ice, compression and elevation work for some people, for others, heel pain can become persistent and even debilitating. In the more severe cases, job performance or the ability to participate in a favorite sport or activity can be affected. 

In these situations, orthotic insoles can be a highly effective way to find relief. While orthotics can help people from any background and lifestyle, some types of people turn to them for heel pain relief more often. If you belong to one of the following groups and are dealing with heel pain, it is highly recommended to explore the possibility of using orthotics. 

People from these backgrounds can often be helped by orthotic insoles

Frequent orthotic wearers include: 

  1. People who work on their feet — Physically-demanding jobs like construction, health care and factory workers often deal with heel pain. 
  2. Athletes and the highly active — Whether professional or amateur, athletes have a unique set of needs due to the high stresses they typically place on their feet and heels in particular.
  3. People dealing with age-related conditions — Arthritis, osteoporosis and other issues can affect the way we move and our foot structure as we age, causing aching and stiffness throughout the body.   
  4. People with high or low arches — While irregularities in the foot structure aren’t painful in and of themselves, they can contribute to biomechanical problems that make heel injury and pain more likely. 

In all of these cases, orthotic insoles can help provide needed cushioning and support while also addressing problems with movement and structure in order to prevent further pain and injury. 

Biocorrect orthotic insoles can help all types of people find the relief they deserve

From elite athletes to nurses to people in their golden years, getting fitted for orthotics from Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab is an important step on the journey toward relief. In addition to in-office fittings, we also offer the convenience of fully custom orthotics that you can order from the comfort of your own home. We’ll send you a moldable-foam impression kit that you complete and send back to us, along with digital photos and a health history form. With this data, our experts will craft a pair of orthotic insoles that are designed for your specific needs and lifestyle. 

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