Insoles for flat feet — four types of runners they can help

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Running with flat feet, a common term for low arches, can be so antithetical that many people diagnosed with this condition are told to avoid it entirely. However, this isn’t always the best advice, since many flat-footed runners are able to run many miles per week with minimal problems. What is true of running with flat feet is that it is related to issues like overpronation that can increase the likelihood of developing a host of injuries that can affect the lower body. 

This is where specially designed insoles for flat feet can help. By giving lower arches the support they need, orthotic insoles can help address overpronation and other mechanical issues. This can help runners of all types enjoy their favorite activity with less discomfort. 

Insoles for flat feet can improve running for a range of athletes

Whether you’re just trying to get in shape or you run competitive ultramarathons, insoles may be able to help if you have low arches. Types of runners who can benefit from exploring orthotics include: 

  1. Beginners — So many people with flat feet who want to be runners get discouraged. Running is possible with even very low arches, and the right support can be just what is needed to get going.
  2. Weekend warriors — Even many experienced runners may think that running is harder than it is. Insoles for flat feet can help take your running to the next level, whether that means a new personal record or just enjoying it more. 
  3. Competitive athletes — A large number of high-level runners have lower arches. From collegiate runners to elite, high-quality insoles can give you a competitive edge and decrease injury risk. 
  4. Cross-trainers — For people who play other sports or fitness activities, running is often seen as a necessary chore. If flat feet are contributing to this, insoles can help make running more enjoyable and beneficial. 

Of course, not all insoles are created equal. Some flat-footed runners have become discouraged because they’ve only tried generic store-bought insoles. Instead, higher-quality custom orthotic insoles can offer the support that is needed to run farther, faster and with less pain. 

Biocorrect has custom insoles to help runners with flat feet

Where lower-grade insoles just block the arches, which can actually lead to other problems, Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab creates insoles that support the biomechanics of the entire foot. Our entire line of fully custom, semi-custom and ready-made insoles are crafted by experts with decades of experience in addressing the full range of issues that affect the lower body, including flat feet. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to be more active, we have a solution for you. 

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