Three benefits of custom-made orthotics

Biocorrect, LLC


For people dealing with foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, and even hip and back pain, custom-made orthotics can often be a surprising solution. Even for people who have tried lower-cost generic insoles without finding relief, switching to custom orthotics can offer a return to a much higher level of activity. 

This is because custom-made orthotic insoles can offer several benefits that store-bought insoles just can’t. To give you a clearer picture of these advantages so you can make a more informed decision, we’re happy to share the following guide. 

Here’s what custom-made orthotics offer wearers

Whether you’re fitted in an office or clinic or you order them online, here’s why custom-made orthotics offer wearers a higher chance of positive results: 

  1. A customized fit — This is the most obvious benefit, but it’s an important one to understand. Everyone has a unique foot structure and mechanics that help them move. In some cases, structural and mechanical abnormalities can increase the likelihood of pain and injuries. By being measured to the exact specifications of your feet, custom-made orthotics can address these issues. 
  2. Increased durability — Higher-grade materials mean insoles that won’t break down as quickly as flimsier generic insoles. Not only does this mean they will last longer, but it also leads to increased comfort and support throughout the day. 
  3. Designed and crafted by experts — Custom-made orthotics aren’t just about measurements and materials. It’s also about the right people putting them together in a meaningful way to address the underlying causes of pain and injury. 

If you’re searching for a solution to problems including high or low arches, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, knee pain and other issues, Biocorrect offers a state-of-the-art custom-made orthotic. 

Learn more about our custom-made solutions

When you visit our online store, you can learn about our full line of products, including a custom orthotic that can be fitted from your own home and shipped right to your door. We also invite you to read a few of our many success stories from satisfied customers. Biocorrect custom foot orthotics are backed by more than 25 years of expertise in the biomechanical field, and we hope we can help you find relief and a return to an active lifestyle.