How do insoles for lower back pain work?

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Lower back pain is so common because of the immense pressure this part of the body withstands. In addition to holding up the torso, the lower back still has to be flexible enough to accomplish a range of movements, including bending and twisting. It’s no wonder that people so frequently develop muscle strains and spinal issues like bulging and herniated discs in the lower back. 

While there are many ways to treat lower back pain, many people searching for relief are surprised to be recommended for orthotic insoles. While they’re not a cure, the right pair of insoles for lower back pain can help address some of the underlying contributors. To help you better understand this connection, we’ve created the following quick overview. 

The lower back pain and foot connection 

The musculoskeletal system in our body is highly interconnected. This is especially true in the lower body where basic, yet complex, actions such as walking, running and lifting require an intricately coordinated series of movements. Even a small misalignment or mechanical difficulty can throw off this entire kinetic chain. 

For example, if the feet have to rotate too far inward with each step, it can increase the pull on the calf muscles, which in turn can pull on the knee and so on up the entire lower body. Adjustments in your mechanics can also lead to compensatory injuries in other parts of the body, including the hips, buttocks and back.

While insoles for lower back pain are by no means a “cure,” so many people are surprised with the level of relief they find after trying them. However, to get the most benefit, it’s important to use a pair of orthotics that truly promote natural biomechanics. 

Biocorrect offers quality and expertise

Our team includes certified pedorthists with extensive experience and knowledge in the biomechanics of the lower body. More than just an insert, our orthotics are crafted to promote the proper functioning of the feet and address misalignments throughout the body, all the way to the lower back. 

We have insoles that can help people of all ages and backgrounds, from athletes to people working physical jobs to people who just want to enjoy an active lifestyle. To learn more and order the insoles that are right for your unique needs, visit our online store today.