How do you use a custom orthotics kit?

Biocorrect, LLC


Over the past year, many people became accustomed to doing things at home that they used to go out to do. An example is taking a foam impression of your feet in a home custom orthotics kit. 

Home custom orthotics kits are designed to help you capture a foam impression of your feet. This impression is intended to help certified pedorthists build you the orthotics that are the best fit for your needs. However, you may not be 100% clear on how to use a custom orthotics kit. Kits may vary in their instructions, but there are certain basic steps that you’re likely to need to complete with most kits. 

Five basic steps for using a home custom orthotics kit

  1. Get someone to help you — Using a home custom orthotics kit properly typically requires two people, so you’ll need to find a friend or family member who can help you. 
  1. Sit correctly — You’ll need to be sitting in a specific way to get the best results from your kit. You should sit on the edge of a stable chair, and your legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle. 
  1. Place your right foot on the foam impression kit — Lightly place your right foot on the right side of the home impression pad, but don’t push down yet. 
  1. Make the foot impression — With your foot resting lightly on the impression pad, have your helper place one hand on top of your right knee. Then, instruct them to place their other hand on the top of your right foot. Next, have them push down on your knee and foot simultaneously until your foot has sunk about 1.5 to 2 inches into the foam. Finally, have them use their hand to gently press the ball and toes of your foot down to the same depth as your heel. 
  1. Repeat these steps for your other foot — Work through these steps again with your left foot to complete the foam impression kit. 

Get a home custom orthotics kit from Biocorrect

Looking for a custom orthotics provider that offers a home impression kit? We offer just such a kit at Biocorrect. Your kit will include the materials for making a foam impression of both of your feet. You’ll also be asked to take several specific digital pictures as part of your kit. You can find complete instructions for taking these pictures on our website. With your completed kit, our certified pedorthists can build you a set of orthotics designed to help address your foot pain. 

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