How to address sharp pain in the ankle that comes and goes

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Most people don’t think much about their ankles until they become painful. Trouble walking to the mailbox. Difficulty getting around at work. These are just some of the issues a painful ankle can cause. 

Ankle pain is more common than most people realize; in fact, medical research reports that up to 15% of all U.S. adults over 45 have frequent ankle pain. Often, people with ankle pain describe it as sharp and complain that it comes and goes. Here are three treatment techniques that can address this type of ankle pain. 

These three techniques can address sharp ankle pain that comes and goes

Knowing what’s causing your sharp ankle pains that come and go is the first step toward treating them. Such pains can be caused by issues like ankle osteoarthritis, flat feet or Achilles tendinitis. 

Are you dealing with any of the above issues? Three of the most effective treatment options to address them are: 

  1. Therapeutic exercises — Most people respond to pain by not moving the painful body part. This rest can be helpful if you have an injury caused by trauma or overuse, but too much rest can lead to increased pain. Lack of movement can cause your ankle joint to become more inflamed and painful. Doing some ankle circles and other gentle exercises can help loosen up your ankle and flush out inflammatory chemicals. 
  1. Applying ice — Ankles that are inflamed are more likely to be painful. One option to help reduce your inflammation is applying ice to your ankle regularly. One study reports that intermittent ankle icing led to significantly less ankle pain during activity. 
  1. Custom orthotics — Ankle pain and injuries are often related to poor ankle posture. Continued poor posture can also increase injury or issue symptoms and cause increased healing time. Medical studies report that custom molded orthotics can help reduce pain after an ankle injury. They can also help improve the posture of the ankle. 

Find custom orthotics that can address sharp ankle pain that comes and goes

Want to find custom orthotics that can address sharp ankle pain that comes and goes? Look no further than our orthotics team at Biocorrect. Our team has more than 25 years of experience making custom orthotics, and we’re ready to bring all our experience to bear to help you. 

We’ll start by evaluating not just your feet but your entire lower body from the lower back down. This comprehensive evaluation is designed to reveal misalignments and other issues that could be causing your pain. We can even send you an at-home evaluation kit if you are unable to come see us in person. 

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