How custom orthotics can change your life if you suffer from sharp pain in the arch of your foot

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Taking the dog for a walk. Playing with your grandkids. Moving around the house. These are just a few of the tasks that are harder to get excited about when you’re living with foot pain. 

Unfortunately, dealing with pain in the feet isn’t that uncommon. In fact, it’s estimated that 77% of Americans have experienced some type of foot pain. When you think about the treatment options for your foot pain, you might not have considered custom orthotics. However, there are three ways that custom orthotics can change your life if you have sharp pains in the arch of your foot. 

Custom orthotics can offer these three benefits for people with sharp pain in the arch of the foot

The arch of your foot is the area on the bottom of the foot between the heel and the ball of the foot. There are many issues that can lead to sharp pains in the arch of your foot; some of the most common ones include plantar fasciitis, adult-acquired flatfoot and overpronation. 

An orthotic that’s customized to your foot can offer three important benefits for people with such issues: 

  1. Reducing pain — Custom orthotics are made only after your feet have been evaluated by an experienced professional. This evaluation can include a gait analysis and taking a foam impression of your feet. Such customized orthotics are effective at reducing foot pain. One medical study reports that using custom orthotics led to a more than 19% reduction in foot pain. 
  1. Improving function — Loss of function is another common problem that people with foot issues face. In turn, this can make many of your normal daily tasks much harder to do. Fortunately, custom orthotics can also help improve foot function. Researchers from one medical study reveal that the use of custom orthotics helped decrease foot disability by almost 31%. 
  1. Decreasing need for surgery — Some serious foot problems, like adult-acquired flatfoot, can require surgery. But patients with this condition should seriously consider trying custom orthotics before they have surgery. A study of treatment options for adult-acquired flatfoot shows that custom orthotics had an almost 70% success rate at helping patients avoid surgery. 

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