Four benefits of orthotic shoe insoles for flat feet

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Your feet have an important job in supporting your entire body weight when you stand, walk or run. For them to be able to do this, the arches in your feet need to be in good condition. The arches flex slightly under your weight when standing, but if your arches fall completely flat when standing, then you have what is known as flat feet. 

Flat feet are a problem because they do not provide the right support for your feet and ankles, which leads to pain that can spread all the way up to your lower back. However, by wearing orthotic shoe insoles for flat feet, you can address these issues and help reduce pain in your feet.

Four ways wearing orthotic shoe insoles helps your flat feet

  1. Supports your arches ⁠— One of the reasons flat feet frequently feel sore is because of the lack of arch support. Without support, the soft tissue in your arches strains under the forces of physical activity. Orthotic shoe insoles for flat feet provide the level of support your feet need to help reduce stress on them, so you can enjoy physical activity without an increase of foot pain.

  2. Assists in preventing painful conditions ⁠— Failing to address flat foot pain can lead to the development of long-lasting foot pain and other conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. Orthotic shoe insoles for flat feet can help you address issues in flat feet that contribute to the inflammation that causes chronic foot pain.

  3. Addresses alignment issues ⁠— Having a flat arch can cause your ankles to roll slightly inward, which has a ripple effect throughout your body. Misaligned ankles cause misaligned knees that cause misaligned hips that cause lower back pain. Addressing your flat arches with orthotic shoe insoles can help address the issues that lead to pain spreading from your feet up through the rest of your body.

  4. Helps enhance your performance ⁠— Running with flat feet as an athlete can be painful and increases your chance of injury from overexertion. Providing support for your feet with orthotic shoe insoles helps you address the issues that lead to pain and injuries, so you can continue enjoying your favorite sports.

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