Three benefits that custom insoles can offer for flat feet

Biocorrect, LLC


Do you know just how important the arch in your foot is? Many people would probably say no to this question, but the foot arch is a very important part of your foot. 

The importance of the foot arch quickly becomes apparent if you develop flat feet. This condition occurs when the arch of your foot flattens out, which is why it’s also called collapsed arches. Medical researchers estimate that up to 23% of adults have flat feet.

Custom orthotic insoles are one treatment option that people can use for flat feet, and these products can offer many benefits for this foot condition. 

Custom orthotic insoles can offer these three benefits for adults with flat feet: 

  1. Increasing arch support — Custom orthotics insoles for flat feet are specifically designed to address this condition. Specifically, they’re engineered to provide additional arch support. This support can help reduce the pain flatfoot can cause. The added support can also help reduce stress on the ball and heel of the foot. 
  1. Absorbing shock — Your feet experience a shock every time they strike the ground, and this shock can be greater on the ball and heel of flat feet. Custom orthotic insoles can help reduce this shock to your feet. They do so by providing a precisely calculated layer of padding between your feet and the ground. 
  1. Stabilizing the heel — People with flat feet often have a problem with their posterior tibial tendon. This tendon connects a calf muscle to the arch of your foot, and issues with it is a common cause of flat feet. By stabilizing your heels, custom orthotics can help reduce stress on the posterior tibial tendon. In turn, this can help address the source of your flat feet. 

Biocorrect offers custom orthotic insoles for flat feet and other foot issues

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