Arch supports for back pain? The surprising connection

Biocorrect, LLC


When most of us think of arch support, we think of relieving sore feet or maybe reducing pressure on the ankles. This is why it’s surprising for people dealing with back pain to come across arch support as a potential treatment to reduce pain. While better support for the arches is in no way a magic bullet for back pain, it can be a significant help due to the highly interconnected nature of our bodies. 

If you’re looking to relieve back pain and are wondering if arch supports may be able to help, it can be beneficial to educate yourself on how these structures are linked. By fully understanding this connection, you can make a more confident and informed decision about your care that helps you get back to the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve. 

How better arch support can help with back pain

The arches in our feet are a structure made from bone, muscle and connective tissue that stabilize the feet and allow for lateral and forward motion. However, not all of us have the same arch structure, which can lead to differences in the mechanics of our feet. While these differences are often undetectable, for many others they can lead to misalignments and increased stress on other parts of the lower body. 

For example, people with low arches can develop issues that contribute to back pain in the following ways:

  • Low arches can lead to overpronation, which is when the feet roll too far inward with each step.
  • Overpronation can stress out the ankles, which can cause people to alter their gait to avoid injury.
  • This altered gait can transfer the stress to the knees and hips, which in turn can put increased pressure on the back as well.

By using orthotic insoles with arch support that promotes natural mechanics and alignment, many back pain sufferers report experiencing significant relief. 

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