Better arch support can mean ankle pain relief

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Our joints are so injury prone because these highly flexible parts of the musculoskeletal system have to absorb so much pressure to allow for basic movements like bending and twisting. This is particularly true of our ankles. When walking, running, jumping or even standing, the entire weight of the upper and lower body is transferred through the ankles to the feet. These forces can be multiplied when sudden movements like pivoting or spinning are involved. 

Combined with accidents like falls, slips and rolling, these factors lead to the very high prevalence of ankle-related injuries such as tendinitis, sprains and even fractures. One often-overlooked source of ankle pain are the feet. While so much stress travels down through the ankles, if there are imbalances and mechanical problems in the feet, it can also transmit unneeded strain up through them as well. 

To minimize stress that leads to ankle pain, arch support can help

For people with certain misalignments affecting the feet, each step can add to ankle pain. In theory, better arch support can help with these issues by minimizing unnecessary foot motion and streamlining movement all the way up the legs. However, lower-priced insoles only block the arches and don’t provide long-lasting support. 

Higher-quality arch supports can help reduce ankle pain by providing the following features and qualities:

  • Being made from higher-grade materials that offer more durability and comfort
  • Offering support for not just the arches, but other areas including the forefoot and heels
  • Are made to your custom measurements and mechanics
  • Crafted by experts with a dedicated background in treating ankle pain and other lower body injuries and issues

Combining the right arch supports with a focused and comprehensive ankle pain treatment plan can offer you the relief you deserve. 

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