Finding the best custom orthotic insoles

Biocorrect, LLC


Custom orthotic insoles are a common solution to help people find increased comfort, support and pain relief from a wide range of foot problems. Issues like high or low arches, heel pain and misaligned foot mechanics can lead to chronic conditions, including plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.

While some people are able to find relief with prefabricated orthotic insoles that can be bought at a store or ordered online, others require a more customized solution. However, due to the cost and time investment involved, it is very important that you find the best custom orthotic insoles for your needs if you decide to go this route.

Three steps to finding the right custom orthotic insoles for you

Custom orthotics provide the advantage of being fitted to the exact specifications of your feet and are typically made from higher quality materials than over-the-counter options. To ensure that you receive the full benefits that custom orthotics can offer, here are three steps you should take:

  • Do your research — Even if your family doctor or podiatrist is recommending custom orthotics for your pain, you don’t have to go with their referral. Make sure you fully explore all of the options available to you and educate yourself on the types of insoles and materials out there.

  • Read reviews and testimonials — There are plenty of reviews and testimonials out there. Before you make a purchase, take the pulse of what people who have already tried this product have to say.

  • Trust the experts — In addition to physicians, there are plenty of experts who are qualified to recommend high-quality orthotic insoles, including physical therapists and athletic trainers.  

  • Biocorrect custom orthotics are backed by decades of experience

    Biocorrect offers a full line of top shelf shoe inserts, including fully custom orthotic insoles, that are designed by industry experts with decades of experience in addressing foot misalignments. We offer in-person fittings for our custom orthotics as well as an at-home moldable foam kit that you can use from the comfort of your own home.

    Either option gives you a fully fitted insole designed for maximum comfort and durability while promoting natural foot motion.

    See what other health care professionals have to say, read our user testimonials and order your pair today by visiting our online store.