Do running shoes need insoles?

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Specialty running shoes are purpose-built to help runners go farther and faster while still staying comfortable and supported. The market for running shoes has exploded in recent years and there are now options for an extremely wide range of ability levels and foot mechanics.

After investing in a pair of high-end running shoes that can involve having your stride and foot mechanics closely analyzed, some people still find themselves dealing with foot pain and other lower extremity pain. In this situation, many people begin to consider running shoe insoles for added support.

However, it also makes sense to question whether a specially designed shoe needs an add-on device. Especially when they are so-often touted to support the same areas, such as the heels and arches, that insoles do. While many runners are able to run comfortably without the need for running shoe insoles, for others, the right pair of insoles can be a “magic bullet” that helps them finally run consistently without pain.

When should you consider running shoe insoles?


To help you determine if running shoe insoles can help you, here are some signs to look out for:

  • You’ve tried multiple types and brands of running shoes, but still suffer from the same issues.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with abnormally high or low arches that require special support.
  • You have been diagnosed with a leg length imbalance or similar issue that may require specific correction to address your symptoms.

It should be noted that in many cases, running shoe design focuses on the outsole, midsole and upper parts of the shoe, while the included insole is very often an afterthought. A running shoe insole designed for the needs of runners can potentially work better than the ones that came with your shoes.

Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab has running shoe insoles for all types of runners


Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab has a full range of orthotic insoles, from custom to over-the-counter, that can help runners go the extra mile. Our products are endorsed by health care professionals and backed by decades of expertise in helping people overcome pain and regain mobility.

Here’s what just one experienced runner had to say about our products:

“I went to Biocorrect in 2015 after experiencing heal pain for months during running. I tried several “at home” remedies, and over-the-counter orthotics with no success. After receiving my first pair of Biocorrect orthotics, I was amazed at how quickly the pain was not present. I was able to go back to my regular routine and run a half marathon six weeks later. I have since run several 5Ks, half marathons and continued to live a very active life, pain-free."  — Kim B.

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