How are custom shoe inserts made?

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Our feet are responsible for carrying a tremendous load on a daily basis. Whether standing, walking or running, our feet have to execute precise movements while supporting and balancing the weight of our entire bodies. This is why the feet are prone to so many injuries and mechanical issues that can lead to foot pain and mobility problems.

One solution that many people turn to are shoe inserts, including both prefabricated and custom-made options. While a prefabricated insert works great for many people, others require the exact fit and more durable construction of a custom orthotic insole.

If you’re dealing with foot pain and wondering if a custom insert can offer you the relief you need for an active lifestyle, learning more about what goes into their construction can be a great step in deciding if they’re right for you.

Steps to a high-quality custom shoe insert

Custom shoe inserts can either be recommended by a doctor, such as a podiatrist, or people can order and be fitted for them on their own. Custom-made orthotic devices are often worn by people with more pronounced misalignments in their feet or who have trouble fitting into over-the-counter options.

Here are the typical steps involved in creating a properly fitting and supportive shoe insert:

  • An impression is taken of the person’s foot, usually from foam.
  • Modern technology allows this data to be scanned into a computer to create a full 3-D model of the foot.
  • By combining the model with other information, such as health history and gait analytics, a fully customized and fitted insole is crafted out of highly durable materials to the exact specifications of the foot.

While this process has traditionally required an in-office visit, it is now possible for people suffering from foot pain to order custom shoe inserts that can be fitted from the comfort of their own home.  

The Biocorrect difference

At Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab, our mission is to help as many people as we can enjoy an active lifestyle by providing a wide range of top quality products. From over-the-counter solutions to semi-custom and fully custom orthotic shoe inserts, we offer options for people of all ages and ability levels, from casual walkers to high performance athletes.

People ordering our custom orthotics are welcome to make an appointment at one of our centers for a fitting or we can also send a moldable foam impression kit that you can complete at home. Our experts can then create a highly accurate model of your feet that we use for your totally unique custom shoe inserts.

Visit our online store today to explore our full line of orthotic insoles and find the option that is right for you.