Do you need custom fit shoe insoles?

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People try shoe insoles for a large number of reasons. In some cases, someone may just be looking for increased comfort during a work day. This can especially be the case for people who have to work a long shift on their feet, like construction workers, factory workers and medical professionals.

Shoe insoles are also a common solution for people dealing with pain and mobility problems related to foot, ankle and knee injuries. In addition to providing increased cushioning and support to help relieve pain, the right pair of insoles can also address problems in your foot mechanics. This in turn can reduce the stress and strain on painful areas in your lower body.

What are custom fit shoe insoles and when should you consider them?

Unless they are prescribed for a specific medical condition, most people first attempt using over-the-counter or ready-made insoles. However, in some cases people require a more involved solution in the form of custom fit shoe insoles.

As the name implies, custom fit insoles are made to the exact specifications of a person’s foot and can have additional support in places that have been identified as problem areas. It can be difficult to know whether a custom-made solution is right for you, whether you’re experiencing foot pain when running or just looking to avoid sore feet at the end of a shift. Here are some indicators that can tell you it’s time for a fitting:

  • You have an irregular foot shape.
  • You have high or low arches.
  • Over-the-counter insoles haven’t addressed your issues.
  • You’ve tried over-the-counter insoles and are still experiencing discomfort.

If one or more of these apply to you, custom fit shoe insoles may be able to address your problems.

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab has the custom solution you need

Biocorrect offers a range of fully custom, semi-custom and high-quality ready-made insoles for people of all ages, foot types and activity levels. If you’re interested in custom insoles, in addition to coming to our office for an appointment, we are proud to offer an at-home moldable foam impression kit that we send you when you order our insoles. Just follow our detailed instructions and we’ll design a high-quality pair of custom orthotics to the exact specifications of your feet.

To learn more and order your custom fit shoe insoles, go to our online store today.