What are slim fit shoe inserts?

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Whether it’s purely for style or to promote more natural foot movement, many people prefer low profile footwear. These are shoes with thinner soles that place the feet closer to the ground. What this can mean for people who wear orthotic insoles is that there is less room in the shoe for a full-length insert.

Slim fit shoe insoles are designed to fit a wider array of shoes, especially low profile footwear, by having a 3/4-length profile compared to a full-sized insole without compromising fit, comfort and support. To help you select the best slim fit shoe insoles for your needs, we’ve created the following helpful guide.

What to look for in a slim fit shoe insert

Whether you’re a professional athlete or recovering from surgery, orthotic insoles can help you relieve pain, improve your posture and achieve a more natural stride. Orthotic inserts can be custom-made or purchased over the counter, but no matter what type you select, you should look for the following qualities:

  • High-quality materials for lasting durability and comfort
  • Proper fit for your feet and the footwear you are intending to use them for
  • Support for your problem areas, such as the heels and arches

Although slim fit shoe inserts are designed to fit more compact shoe designs, they should not compromise on quality and support. The right pair of insoles should still be able to help people dealing with issues like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and even hip and knee pain.

Biocorrect slim fit shoe inserts

Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab offers a full range of custom, semi-custom and ready-made insoles for every need. For low-profile shoes and other compact shoe designs, we’ve created men’s and women’s Slim-FIT 3/4-length orthotics that fit a variety of shoe types without sacrificing maximum foot support and comfort.

These slim fit shoe insoles are made from self-molding materials for a great fit and lasting comfort while also featuring arch, heel and midfoot support for all foot types. To learn more and order the insole that fits your needs and lifestyle, visit our online store today.