Types of orthotic insoles

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Orthotic insoles are a type of device designed to be placed in the bed of the shoes, delivering increased comfort, support and foot alignment to the wearer. They can be made of a number of different materials and have unique features based on their intended purpose.

People use orthotic insoles for a variety of reasons, from increased support for sports and exercise to relief of foot pain caused by an injury. Because of this, there is now an overwhelming array of insoles on the market today.

To help, here’s an easy-to-understand guide to the different types of orthotic insoles you may encounter and how they can help.

Orthotic insoles range from over-the-counter to fully customized

Types of orthotic insoles can include:

  • Over-the-counter — Also referred to as prefabricated or ready-made, these are the types you typically encounter in a drug store or sporting goods store. Although less durable than other options and not custom-fitted, they can be a good option for people who fit into standard sizes and only have mild-to-moderate discomfort.

  • Semi-customized — This is a category of orthotic insoles that typically aren’t fully fitted and custom made, but are made from the same durable materials and have many of the same features as fully customized orthotics. This can sometimes be a more affordable option, especially for younger people with quickly growing feet.

  • Fully customized — Fully custom orthotics are typically created by a specialist from a foam impression of a person’s feet. They then use this information to craft a pair of insoles that are fitted to the exact specifications of the wearer while also accounting for issues that can cause discomfort and misalignment, such as high or low arches.

  • No matter what type of orthotic insole you choose, you should also make sure that they are made to a high-standard by experts with a background in biomechanics.

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