What are flat feet? Can custom shoe inserts help?

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Flat feet is a term used for people who have low arches. When standing, a person with flat feet will generally make complete contact with the ground. People with normal to high arches will typically have some ground clearance between the heel and forefoot, creating the arch that gives this part of the foot its name.

Also called collapsed arches, flat feet can have a range of causes — from developmental issues in adolescence to injury and age-related degeneration. While not a painful condition itself, having flat feet can throw off the natural mechanics off the feet, putting increased strain on the heels and forefeet. This in turn can lead to discomfort, especially during periods of standing, walking and running.

If you believe you are experiencing pain due to flat feet or low arches, see a doctor or other qualified medical professional for treatment options. One common solution is custom shoe inserts that provide enhanced cushioning and support for people with flat feet.

How custom shoe inserts are designed for flat feet

Some people with flat feet find that treatments such as stretching and over-the-counter insoles don’t relieve pain or provide the lasting relief needed for everyday activities. This is especially true for people who work for hours on their feet or are physically active.

In these situations, a person can be fitted for custom shoe inserts. The primary advantages offered by these orthotic devices are a more precise fit, more durable materials and more targeted support areas, including the heels, arches and forefeet.

A person dealing with flat feet can go to the following locations to be fitted for custom insoles:

  • A health care professional or other qualified specialist
  • A physical therapist’s office
  • A standalone specialty provider

It is also possible to have custom shoe inserts fitted without leaving your home thanks to the development of at-home impression kits, including the one offered by Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Lab.

Biocorrect custom shoe inserts can help with flat feet

Our full line of orthotic shoe inserts are backed by more than 25 years’ experience in addressing misalignments in the lower body, including the feet. We designed our custom insoles to promote natural foot movement while still providing support and comfort for people with a wide range of issues, including flat feet.

When you order your custom shoe inserts online, we send you an easy-to-follow at-home moldable foam impression kit, a health history form and instructions for taking the pictures we need. These are then used to craft custom orthotics to the exact specifications of your feet.

You can learn more about our products and read testimonials from satisfied customers when you visit our online store.