Did you know shoe inserts can help hip alignment?

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To perform all of our basic everyday movements, the lower body has to be a highly connected system of muscle, connective tissue and bone. Everything has to push and pull together in just the right way to balance the body, propel us forward and execute complex movements like jumping or twisting. However, this also means that problems in one area, such as the feet, can travel up our body’s “kinetic chain” to cause problems in another place, such as the hips. 

Shoe inserts, also called foot orthotics, can help address mechanical imbalances in the feet to help promote better alignment throughout the lower body, including the hips. By learning more about foot mechanics and hip alignment, you can better understand the potential benefits of shoe inserts if hip alignment is causing difficulty for you. 

Proper foot mechanics and hip alignment

With hundreds of bones, muscles, tendons and other connective tissue, our feet are an intricately constructed part of the body that is obviously essential for all basic movement. With every step, each foot performs a complex sequence of landing, rolling, rotating and pushing to move us forward. Structural or mechanical problems in the feet can pull on muscles in the ankles, legs, buttocks and hips, causing increased stress and misalignment.

Shoe inserts can address these problems in the feet and help with hip alignment and other problems in the lower body in the following ways: 

  • Provide increased support and cushioning to decrease fatigue and help you maintain proper form and posture for longer 
  • Provide arch support that helps minimize mechanical problems like under- or overpronation, which can contribute to hip alignment issues

To achieve the best results, it’s important to use high-quality shoe inserts that are specifically designed by experts to address these biomechanical issues. 

High-quality inserts from Biocorrect

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab offers a full line of ready-made, semi-custom and fully custom shoe inserts that are designed to promote natural foot motion and lower body alignment. We also use the highest-quality materials for better support and longer-lasting durability. 

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