Four signs you need custom foot orthotics

Biocorrect, LLC


So many of us have to deal with foot pain of one form or another. It may be related to our jobs, playing our favorite sport or trying to keep up with the little ones, but everyone’s feet have to carry a heavy load. Although it’s just a minor inconvenience for many people, for others, foot pain can become a considerable obstacle and a drain on their quality of life. 

Among the many treatment options that are out there for foot pain relief, you’ve probably encountered custom foot orthotics. However, you may not be sure if this particular solution is right for you. Everyone is different, but many of the people who have found success using custom foot orthotics share some overlapping indicators. 

Here are some common reasons that it may be time to try custom foot orthotics

If any of the following apply to you, there’s a good chance that custom-made orthotic insoles could help you overcome foot pain and improve mobility:

  1. Store-bought insoles aren’t cutting it — If you’ve tried inexpensive over-the-counter orthotics and haven’t found relief, you might need insoles that are made of more durable and supportive materials that are custom-measured to your feet.
  2. You have high arches — High arches can cause pain and stiffness in the feet and often require the increased support that custom foot orthotics can offer. 
  3. You have low arches — Low arches, also known as “flat feet,” can put increased pressure on the other parts of the feet such as the heel and forefoot. The right custom orthotics are able to promote natural foot movement and evenly distribute stress across the foot. 
  4. You’re also dealing with knee pain and/or back pain — Mechanical issues in the feet can cause problems in other parts of the body, particularly the knees and even the lower back. Along with relieving foot pain, custom orthotics can help decrease the stress placed on other parts of the body. 

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab offers a highly personalized solution

With our high-quality, handcrafted orthotics, Biocorrect can help you address issues like the ones above and help you get back to the active lifestyle you deserve. Our custom foot orthotics can are competitively priced, designed by experts with decades of experience and can even be fitted from the comfort of your own home with our moldable foam impression kit that we ship directly to you.  

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