Can finding the best insoles help with hip pain?

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There are many causes for hip pain, from natural degeneration to injury caused by athletic activities like golf, tennis, hockey or running. The hips are critical load-bearing joints, connecting the upper body to the lower body while providing a full range of motion to the legs. This puts them under a lot of stress on a daily basis and is why they are such a common location for problems to occur.

The hips are also the very top of the kinetic chain for the lower body. This describes the way the musculoskeletal system is highly interconnected, with proper functioning requiring balance and efficient movement between different groups of muscles. If there is a mechanical problem in one area, it can throw off your whole chain of movement, causing misalignment and the potential for injury and pain.

How can the feet cause problems for the hips?

The feet are a highly complex set of muscles, connective tissues and bones that are designed to perform activities including walking, running and jumping, each with a unique set of movements. Any kind of difficulty or movement problem with the feet has the potential to cause misalignment and added stress for areas farther up the kinetic chain. This often means the ankles and knees, but for many people, mechanical problems in the feet can also be closely related to hip pain.

Hip pain that does not improve in a short period of time or suddenly becomes severe should receive medical attention. If you or a medical professional believe that foot pain and/or mechanical issues may be related to your hip pain, orthotics insoles may be recommended to help relieve foot discomfort and promote more natural biomechanics.

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