A guide to running shoe insoles

Biocorrect, LLC


Running is an activity that millions of people enjoy each year, but it puts tremendous pressure on the feet. In addition to stretching, having proper running form and wearing the right running shoes, many runners turn to orthotic insoles. Running shoe insoles can help absorb the shock that comes with running mile after mile on pavement and other hard surfaces.

Insoles can provide a number of benefits for runners, including increased comfort and support for the arch, heel, midfoot and forefoot. Whether you’re a runner looking to recover from an injury, prevent injury or just be able to go longer without discomfort, insoles have the potential to help. By understanding how running shoe insoles work and what to look for, you can make a more confident purchase decision.

How running shoe insoles work

Orthotic foot devices are made of high-tech material that is designed to provide additional cushion and support for footwear, such as running shoes. Even when you run with proper posture and running mechanics, running on hard surfaces puts a high degree of stress on the feet that can add up for people who run long distances for years and years.

A running shoe insole can help runners dealing with the following problem areas:

  • Forefoot — Many runners deal with pain in the forefoot due to lack of cushioning.
  • Arches — Having too low or too high arches can cause pain and the potential for injury if they aren’t supported properly.
  • Heel — Since it is common for the majority of runners to land on their heels, increased cushioning and support can help relieve and/or prevent problems like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.  

  • Since everyone is different and has unique foot motion, it’s critical to find an orthotic insole that can provide a custom solution for your needs.

    Biocorrect has options for all types of runners  

    Designed by professionals who were helping people resolve lower extremity imbalances before they were creating foot orthotic devices, Biocorrect Orthotics Lab has products that are perfect for runners of all ages and ability levels. Biocorrect orthotic insoles are designed not only to increase comfort and support for activities such as running, but also to work with the natural motion of your feet. We have a full range of insoles that can fit in running shoes, from full custom orthotics made from a 3-D model of your foot to high-quality prefabricated insoles. We also have a Stride-FIT insole that offers customization.

    Learn more about our products and purchase the running shoe insoles that are right for your needs, by visiting our online store today.