3 reasons custom orthotics are a perfect gift for back pain sufferers

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About 54% of Americans have reported having chronic back pain for five years or longer. Even minor alignment issues in the feet can lead to chronic back discomfort. In fact, foot complications can be major causes of back pain. Problems like foot pronation, flat feet and arthritis can lead to misalignments that strain the back. The feet and back are linked by chains of ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Orthotics can support problematic feet and alleviate back pain by extension. If you know someone who suffers from back pain, orthotics can be a practical gift to help ease their discomfort.

3 reasons custom orthotics can be the best gift for back pain sufferers

Orthotics have not only been shown to improve foot pain. Several experts have used orthotics as a back pain treatment. One study showed that patients who used orthotics showed significant reduction in their back pain. Another study showed that back pain caused by foot pronation was reduced when treated with orthotics. As a result, orthotics can serve as great gifts for those who suffer from back pain. Orthotics can help ease back pain by:

  1. Absorbing shock.
    When suffering from back pain, high-shock movements like jumping and running can aggravate an already-inflamed back, worsening and prolonging pain. Wearing orthotics that properly distribute shock can help protect the spine and back muscles from injury.
  2. Improving alignment and balance.
    If the feet are not properly aligned, the back can also shift in alignment. A misaligned back can lead to pain and a decreased sense of balance while performing daily activities. Orthotics can encourage the feet into a healthy alignment, thereby encouraging the rest of the body to follow suit.
  3. Stabilizing movement.
    Many foot conditions, like flat feet, can place the body in unstable positions during daily activities. These positions can lead to an overreliance on specific foot and leg muscles. This overreliance can also trigger the back to overcompensate for unstable weight distribution, leading to muscle tension and strain.

Biocorrect can help you find orthotics to gift someone with back pain

Are you looking for a gift for someone who suffers from back pain? Orthotics can be a great way to minimize and prevent their discomfort. Our team at Biocorrect can customize orthotics that target both feet and back concerns. Contact us to learn more about the orthotics we offer or to talk with one of our certified pedorthists.