What is the benefit of orthotics for bunions?

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Using custom orthotic insoles can be effective for managing bunions. A bunion is a swollen bump that forms on the big toe. When you have bunions, you may feel pain and stiffness in your toes. Bunions are a fairly common condition with a range of causes including poorly fitting shoes. Shoes that are too tight can press the big toe against the others and lead to the development of bunions. By giving your foot the space it needs, orthotics can be a great treatment option for bunions.

Key benefits of orthotics for bunions

  • Pain relief — Bunion pain is sometimes mild and sometimes severe. In any case, pain relief is probably a top priority. Custom insoles can be designed to alleviate your pain by redistributing pressure around the foot. By distributing your body weight more evenly around the foot, insoles can relieve the pressure on your toes. Custom orthotics are designed to correct misalignments as well, which can help relieve pain caused by foot alignment issues.

  • Stabilization — Left untreated, bunions can get worse over time. They can grow in size and become more painful. Bunions often develop further due to poor footwear. With good insoles, you can stabilize your feet. Providing a stable foundation can help prevent the bunion from worsening due to friction and pressure. 

  • Enhanced functionality — Custom insoles can do more than relieve pain and stabilize your feet. They can also make your feet function better. With insoles that support your foot with all its unique contours, you can experience a higher level of functionality and comfort. Severe bunions can make it difficult to walk and run comfortably. The right insoles can help restore your mobility.

  • Biocorrect can help you with custom orthotics for addressing your bunions

    If you are ready to address your bunions with quality custom insoles, Biocorrect can help. Our orthotic insoles are expertly crafted to maximize support for each patient. Seventy percent of the population needs orthotics. At Biocorrect, we work to meet the needs of everyone by designing unique solutions.

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