Work in one of these four industries? It might be time to consider custom orthotic inserts

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People who work physically demanding jobs know how tough this type of work can be on your feet. From the long hours to constant walking, it’s common to come home with sore feet. Dealing with foot pain and other issues on the job can be a serious drain on your productivity and can increase your risk of developing injuries that can be even more of a detriment to your work life. 

Fortunately, there are solutions. While many people turn to generic, mass-produced insoles in an attempt to make the day a little more comfortable, not everyone finds the long-term relief they need. In these situations, custom orthotic inserts offer an alternative with longer-lasting durability and more comprehensive support. 

If you’re wondering whether custom orthotics may be right for you, your specific line of work may play a role. 

Physically demanding jobs that may be helped by custom orthotics

People who work in the following fields should seriously consider being fitted for custom orthotics: 

  1. Construction — People in construction jobs not only work on their feet all day, but also perform strenuous activities. Custom orthotics can help by offering increased stability and support. 
  2. Health care — Whether you’re a doctor, a nurse or a technician, chances are you spend your day on your feet bouncing from patient to patient. With the long-lasting support of a custom orthotic, you can prevent fatigue to help your patients receive the care they need. 
  3. Food service — This is a notoriously physically demanding line of work, whether you’re a cook or a server. Get through those long shifts and complicated orders with the increased support that custom orthotic inserts offer. 
  4. Retail — Like food service workers, retail workers spend the entirety of their shift on their feet. From helping customers to stocking shelves, custom orthotics can limit aches, pains and other forms of discomfort. 

Not all custom orthotics are created equal, and no matter what industry you work in, you should try to find the best combination of value and quality. 

What sets Biocorrect apart?

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab was started by biomechanical experts with more than 25 years of experience in helping people address common misalignments of the lower body. We’re proud to offer competitively priced custom orthotic inserts that can be ordered online and you can fit from the comfort of home. 

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