Custom orthotic inserts near you — three options to consider

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When you’re dealing with foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain and other lower body issues, custom orthotic inserts can be a highly beneficial source of relief. By providing long-lasting support and promoting a natural stride, inserts that are measured to the exact specifications of your feet offer the potential for a return to a healthy and active lifestyle. 

One obstacle that many people seeking custom inserts face is finding a provider that is near their location. Often, people find themselves traveling across town, or even to another city, to locate a podiatrist’s office or center that offers fittings. This is one of the factors that cause so many people to turn to over-the-counter orthotics, even if the quality and fit are not comparable. 

To give you a better understanding of the available options for custom orthotic inserts, including sources you may not have considered, we’re happy to share the following overview. 

Three ways to find custom orthotic inserts in your area

As you search for insoles near you, here are the primary options you should include in your search: 

  1. Podiatrist’s office — For a long time, prescription orthotics through a podiatrist were the only way to be fitted for custom orthotic inserts. In addition to being the most expensive option, it may be difficult to find one near you, especially if you are in a more remote location. 
  2. Retail outlets — Specialty stores that offer fittings for custom made orthotics are becoming more common. While they may offer a more affordable solution, it’s important to ensure that their inserts are truly custom-crafted to the measurements and structure of your feet. These centers are also not always conveniently located. 
  3. Online stores — With developments in technology and the continuing growth of e-commerce, it is now possible to order custom orthotics online and use moldable foam to send an accurate impression of your feet. This allows customers to enjoy an affordable, high-quality custom orthotic insert that is delivered right to their door. 

At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we want to deliver a high-quality experience to as many people as possible. With our moldable foam home impression kit, you can give us all the data we need to craft a fully custom state-of-the-art orthotic without leaving your home. 

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