When to consider custom shoe inserts for knee pain

Biocorrect, LLC


Custom shoe orthotics may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of solutions for knee pain, but there can be a connection. In our bodies, the musculoskeletal system is deeply interconnected and requires careful balance and alignment to function properly.

For example, an underused muscle in the foot can become easily strained if someone begins spending more time on their feet or starts a new physical activity such as running. This in turn can lead someone to alter their stride while the seemingly minor injury heals. However, the change in stride can put increased pressure on other load-bearing parts of the lower body, particularly the hips and knees.

This is how misalignment and soreness in the feet can contribute to knee pain. While it is far from the only cause of a knee injury, addressing a problem in the feet can very often improve pain in the knees. It is important to always work with your doctor or other qualified medical professional to diagnose and treat knee pain. One method that is very commonly recommended to treat lower body misalignments that cause knee pain is with orthotic shoe inserts.

Finding high-quality orthotic shoe inserts

Many people seeking out orthotic shoe inserts first try the ready-made options that can be purchased in a store or ordered online. These can be a good option for some people due to their lower cost and wide availability. In other cases, orthotics that are custom made for the wearer’s feet can become an option if there are fit, comfort or durability problems with an over-the-counter insole.

Benefits of custom orthotics include:

  • A more exact fit, especially for people with nonstandard sizes or foot shapes
  • More durable materials
  • Customized support based on arch height, toe length and other important attributes

Biocorrect custom foot orthotics are designed to help the entire lower body

Biocorrect orthotic shoe inserts are designed by biomechanical experts with more than two decades of practical experience in helping achieve balance and alignment for their lower body. We make high-quality over-the-counter and custom orthotics to meet every need. Because our inserts are designed to promote natural foot motion, they can help wearers reduce the strain on other areas of their lower body, such as the knees.  

To learn more about our products and to order your pair today, visit our easy-to-use online store.