Three symptoms of high arches — and how orthotic shoe inserts can help

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The feet are a highly complex system of bones, joints, muscles and connective tissue that all work together to make basic movement — standing, walking, running, jumping — possible. A fact that highlights the complexity of the human foot is that of the 206 bones in the human body, 52 of them, over 25%, are in the feet.

The downside to this complexity is that it can be difficult to pinpoint the source if foot pain begins to develop. Conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to stress fractures can cause foot pain, and sometimes the origin can be in the foot itself.

For example, having high arches can alter the natural mechanics of the foot, leading to increased stiffness, soreness and even pain. To help you determine if high arches could potentially be the cause of your foot pain, and if orthotic shoe inserts could help, we’ve prepared this helpful guide.

Here are three indicators of high arches to watch out for

If you are dealing with foot pain and think high arches may be the cause, look for one or more of these signs:

  • A visibly high arch — While this may seem obvious, it can sometimes be hard to tell just by looking if you have high or low arches. One way to test is by placing your foot in water and then leaving a wet footprint on a piece of paper. If little or no print is visible, then it is a sign that you have high arches that could be causing your foot pain.

  • Pronounced pain in the heel and/or ball of the foot — High arches tend to put excess pressure on the other load-bearing areas, particularly the heels and the balls of the feet. If your pain is concentrated in these areas, there’s a good chance it could be due to high arches.

  • Frequent soreness or stiffness in the arches — If you find yourself with a sore midfoot at the end of the day and need a massage, high arches could be to blame.

  • One of the common recommendations for people with high arches are orthotic shoe inserts. A proper pair of orthotics should provide increased support for high arches while still encouraging the natural mechanics of the foot.

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