What type of orthotic is right for you? Three questions to ask yourself

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There are so many types of orthotics out there it can make your head spin. From inexpensive mass-market insoles at your grocery store to prescription orthotics from a podiatrist, finding the sweet spot in quality and value can be a difficult prospect. The fact is that there is a reason for this wide range in variety, which is that people have an equally wide range of unique needs. 

To determine which of the many types of orthotics is the one for you, it’s important to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. To help you reach this important decision, we’re sharing a quick guide to some of the factors you should consider when choosing orthotics. 

Questions to ask yourself when choosing orthotics

For the purposes of this discussion, types of orthotics can basically be divided into custom, semi-custom and ready-made insoles. Each one of these categories is basically designed to be a solution for different needs, from intended usage to budgetary requirements. Before you start to explore these categories, these questions can help you get an idea of where you fit on this spectrum:

  1. What activities will you be performing in your orthotics? Do you need orthotics because you work a physical job with long hours, or will you just be wearing them while running? Knowing approximately how many hours a day you will be wearing them and how much stress you’ll put on them when you do is critical to deciding how durable an orthotic you will need. 
  2. Have you tried mass-market insoles before? Many people turn to a higher grade of orthotic, such as a custom or semi-custom solution, after not getting the results they need from an over-the-counter insole. For these people, a higher-quality ready-made insole may do the trick. 
  3. Are you trying to address an injury? While many are just looking for comfort and support, orthotics are very often used to correct misalignments in the feet that can lead to any number of lower body injuries. In these cases, custom orthotics may be necessary to address unique mechanical issues. 

The information you gain from answering these questions can help you narrow down the type of orthotic that has the best chance of achieving your particular lifestyle goals. 

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