Common methods to prevent plantar fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis. It’s a term that strikes fear into the hearts of athletes and the generally active alike. The stabbing heel pain can keep you away from your favorite sport or exercise for weeks or even months. If you work a physical job, it can make a day of work excruciating and start to affect your performance. 

Anyone who has dealt with this injury never wants it again. Even if you just know someone who’s dealt with it before, it’s safe to say you’d like to avoid it yourself. That’s why learning how to prevent plantar fasciitis is an important first step in developing a holistic injury prevention strategy. To help, we’re sharing some of the most commonly used methods that can be used to keep this difficult injury at bay. 

How to prevent plantar fasciitis 

Like any other injury, there is no foolproof way to completely prevent plantar fasciitis. There are many factors beyond anyone’s control, including genetic factors and natural body mechanics that can increase the chances for developing this issue. However, controlling what you can and taking a proactive approach can significantly lower your risk for plantar fasciitis. 

Here are some tips that can help: 

  • Don’t overdo it — Plantar fasciitis is a repetitive motion injury and is especially common among runners and athletes who have to run a lot. Many new runners develop this condition after trying to up their training volume too quickly. Listen to your body and build gradually no matter what your sport is. 
  • Stretch properly — Tight calf muscles are a significant contributor to plantar fasciitis. By performing a stretch routine before and after workouts, you can keep your calves and the rest of your body loose, reducing the push and pull on the feet that can lead to injury. 
  • Try orthotics — Another big cause for plantar fasciitis is misalignment in the feet. A high-quality pair of orthotic insoles can promote natural foot motion and reduce the strain on the tissue at the bottom of the feet that become inflamed and cause plantar fasciitis. 

With a greater awareness of these major risk factors for this injury, many highly active people are able to prevent plantar fasciitis on a long-term basis.

Biocorrect insoles for plantar fasciitis prevention 

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