What to know about custom-fit shoe insoles

Biocorrect, LLC


There are all kinds of reasons why people require custom-fit orthotics. For one, people have feet of all different shapes and sizes. So just as some people require shoes with an irregular fit, such as an increased or decreased width, people also need a custom orthotic that fits their feet.

Similarly, while the foot is designed to function in a specific way, everyone has unique differences in their biomechanics. In some cases, these differences can lead to potentially painful issues that require addressing those mechanics. For these people, a custom-fit orthotic can provide relief and promote natural foot motion.

Advantages of using custom-made orthotic devices

While over-the-counter insoles are appropriate in some circumstances, including people with a more conventional foot size and mechanics and/or less severe pain, a custom made orthotic is typically created from a mold of the person’s foot. This allows for a better fit and more support that can help a wide range of people, including:

  • Athletes, from runners to golfers
  • Medical and service industry workers
  • People with irregular foot shapes
  • People with special medical needs

No matter what your particular need, the licensed Certified Pedorthists at Biocorrect can design a custom foot orthotic for you.

Need custom-fit orthotics? Biocorrect has a unique solution for your needs

We have a full range of devices, including custom orthotics, semi-custom orthotics and a product that is customizable, Stride-FIT. Our custom orthotics are handcrafted and fully personalized from a mold of your foot that is then scanned into a computer to create a 3-D image of your foot. Having this model can help us create a custom orthotic that not only fits your foot but provides support for your unique biomechanics. Our fully-custom and semi-custom orthotics can be shipped in five to seven days from when we receive your health history information, digital pictures and completed foam impression kit.

We design our orthotics to provide unmatched levels of comfort, durability and support to help people dealing with or trying to prevent lower extremity imbalances of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back. The Biocorrect team has been working to help resolve issues caused by biomechanical imbalances for years before we started manufacturing custom-fit orthotics.  

To learn more and order your orthotics, visit our online store today.